Frequently Asked Questions

My oldest is 4 and my youngest is close to two. Would this be allowed?

Yes!  All of our classes are 4+ and up. We have lots of 4 year olds and they love it. 

Would we be able to socially distance their seats?

All of our tables and easels can be moved around to wherever you feel most comfortable and some of the kids wear mask.

When is your next public park class?

We decided to not have any public classes till March since it was snowing here last year around Mid February and we paint in the park.  We might add more classes in February if the weather is nice and warms up a bit. So check back often!

Our next class is March 12th on a Saturday. 
Here is a link to our next class:
Yea we offer week day classes! Our next weekday class is going to be a 5 day Art Camp during spring break! March 14-18
Here is the link to the spring break class:
Would you ever do private in home lessons?
Yes, we can teach at your private party event. We will bring everything, set up, teach the class, and clean up. We can come to you at your home in grapevine to teach your friends and family!
Here is a link to hire us for a private party:
What Should on the Day of the Class?

On the day of the class:

Please wear clothes and shoes that you don’t mind if paint gets on it. Please send a water bottle with your child and feel free to bring a snack for them if needed.

If we get the kit is there a virtual teaching to go along with it?
Yes, the paint kit comes with everything you need to paint the picture, including a step by step instruction sheet that you will follow along. The outline of the painting is lightly traced on with a pencil and you follow the steps to paint the picture.
This is all the stuff the paint kit comes with: 
Everything you need to paint this painting except the painter!
  • Frequently Asked QuestionsA Wooden Easel
  • An 11×14 inch Canvas
  • A Kid Size Apron
  • A Paint Palette
  • 10 Paint Brushes
  • 6 Cups of Paint
  • A cup for Water
  • A Water Bottle
  • Paper Towels
  • This Instruction Sheet
Here is a link to the paint kits:
Can I sign up my 2 or 3 Year Old?

We got a couple of 2 and 3 year olds sign up.  They had a lot of fun playing with the paint and looking cute doing it. All age groups have a lot of fun painting! We only added the age group because 4 year olds actually try to follow along with the teacher. For the 2 year olds, it’s more of an experience and introduction to paints and fluid colors they can mix. In the pictures below: The first picture of a girl in a pink apron is 2.  In the second photo, the girl in a purple apron is 3.