We have over 900 Designs Options to choose from. Click the red button below to see the Design Options PDF.

Once you pick your design you can email us at:  [email protected]

In your Email Order Please Include the Following:

1. Your Wood Color including the Number.

2. Your Main Design codes including the Letter and Number.

3. If you are choosing a Double Layer effect for $15 more, please send us your bottom layer design codes including the Letter and Number.

4. Please state a Yes or No on whether you would like to add a Frame to your board for $15 more.


Wooden Workshop

Includes everything you need to make a Beautiful Wooden Sign. Ages: 10+
2 week minimum advance notice required.
12 x 24 inches for $50


Layered Design

The bottom Layer of the Designs are stencil in advance to ensure it fully dries 24 hours before the class.

For a layered look it is $15 more.


Wood Frame

Wooden Frame $15

Frame and Layered Designs

Finished Wooden Signs

Order a personalized sign done by a professional.
Choose a design or multiple designs from our Design Option PDF and email us what you would like us to make.
Price: $60

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Wrapped and Delivered

Surprise someone with a personalized wooden sign wrapped and delivered to a place of your choice. Perfect for Birthdays, Weddings, New Home, New Job, New Baby, Graduations and more!
Locals Only: $20

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Refurbish Signs

We Sand, Paint, and Coat your sign with a protective seal.
Price: $30

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