About Us

              Little Sunshine Artist was founded by 2 art enthusiast mom’s in Colleyville, TX.  Our mission is to get people outside and provide a creative environment for people to express themselves through art.  We strongly believe kids should always try new things. It’s important for kids to know what they are good at, and its even more important for kids to know that they can become better at things with practice. Unless kids try a lot of different things, they will never know all the things they could be great at.  

              We love painting outside and so do our kids. We would love to invite your kids too! Also, we like the idea of offering more outside activities for kids, because not everyone is good at soccer. So come join us! We would love to paint with you!  We know you will love painting in the park as much as we do! 

Fun Facts about Us!

We Love Art

Let’s just say it runs in our blood! We both come from a family of artist! 

Hannah’s sister is a professional artist! Seriously, we will add a link here one day lol so y’all can check it out! 

Rhema’s Dad is a cartoon artist and since he was 15 use to sell his cartoons to newspapers and Magazines!

So to inspire our kids to explore their talents and create new things we like to host art parties regularly!

We Love to Run!

Hannah use to run track and Rhema use to run Cross Country and now we just randomly sign up for 5k’s!

Best Friends

We have been best friends for almost 4 years! I would tell you guys where we met but we still hang out there all the time… and you know… We don’t want stalkers.. lol

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Every one of our team members is devoted to your happiness!

Rhema Hayek

Co Founder

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Co Founder

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